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Volunteer Hannah enjoys giving back to Bridges Project

As Volunteers’ Week is drawing to a close, we would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution of one of our brilliant volunteers, Hannah Taylor.

Hannah’s involvement with Bridges Project initially started as a client. A young carer for her mum, the 19-year-old from Musselburgh was referred to the charity by a community support worker who has been helping her mum. After receiving support from Bridges Project, Hannah decided she wanted to give something back.

‘I wanted to volunteer not only because I had experience of volunteering in the past but as I had received support from Bridges Project, I also wanted to provide more support to young people myself,’ says Hannah.

Her enthusiasm enabled her to help out with developing and delivering a session on raising awareness of refugees in February, called Refu-Free. This was a rewarding experience for the teenager, through which she enjoyed meeting Yaman Tawakalna. Yaman is a young refugee who, like Hannah, has received support from Bridges Project staff member Neil MacLean in the past.

Hannah, who already had previous experience of teaching and facilitating groups, says a particularly interesting aspect of her volunteering was to learn more about how Bridges Project works and how the organisation approach and deliver group work.

‘It has been great to be able to actively give back to a charity that has provided support to myself,’ says Hannah.  

Bridges Project would like to thank Hannah for the great work she had done for us. It is amazing to see young people who have received support from us go on to volunteer for Bridges Project themselves. Hannah is really a great role model for other young people!

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