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Scott takes first step towards dream job

Scottish Water representatives talk to Scott during the career event leading to his apprenticeship application

17-year-old Scott from Musselburgh is one step closer to his dream job after being offered a three-year apprenticeship with Scottish Water.

Whilst many employment related stories during lockdown have been about job losses, Scott has really thrived over the past few months and his career prospects are now looking bright after he received support from Bridges Project.

The Musselburgh teenager came in contact with the charity at a careers evening at Musselburgh Grammar School. Scott was in S6 and engaged with school but also felt he was ready to start a job. However, he was not 100% sure about which direction to go. After Bridges Project’s Employability Support Worker Sam Lamond spoke to Scott at the careers evening about what the charity offers, he said he decided to sign up for employability support. 

Scott was soon enrolled on the Build You Up construction employability programme, which Bridges Project delivers. The seven-week programme gives young people an insight into the construction industry and covers trades in the industry, apprenticeships and skills needed to work on a construction site.

‘The Build You Up programme was brilliant. It allowed me to see all the different opportunities in the construction industry,’ said Scott.

As part of the employability programme, Graham Construction came in to deliver a career talk. It was after this talk that Scott realised that finding an apprenticeship was the best option for him and he started working towards this goal. Upon completing Build You Up and achieving Fire Safety Training and the REHIS Health and Safety Certificate, the 17-year-old worked with Sam on a one-to-one basis. Together, they worked on developing a strong and targeted CV, skills profiling, job searching, improving his communication skills and building his confidence.

Over time, Scott started to believe in his skills and abilities. During a visit to a career event, he felt confident enough to speak to a number of businesses regarding opportunities and career paths. One of them was Scottish Water, who advised the Musselburgh teenager to apply for an apprenticeship online.

Scott applied for the apprenticeship and kept working with Sam to prepare for a potential interview. He was eventually contacted for a video interview by Scottish Water after a few weeks and was successful. Consequently, the 17-year-old was offered a three-year apprenticeship starting in September.

The apprenticeship will give Scott a qualification and hands-on work experience. Once qualified, he will move into the business to build a career with Scottish Water.

Scott is very excited about his future following the apprenticeship offer and credits Bridges Project for much of his progress.

He said: ‘Through Bridges Project I feel I learnt how to look and apply for jobs. It also helped me to get out there and find opportunities for myself, and it was an all-round chilled environment. It really helped me to relax and was a nice change from school. After Bridges Project, I now feel confident for the future and look forward to going into the working world. I would 100% recommend Bridges Project to anyone no matter what they are looking to do in the future.’

Scott’s mum is also impressed by the support provided to him by Sam and Bridges Project.

She said: ‘We really feel that Bridges Project and Sam helped Scott to secure his internship with Scottish Water. Sam was excellent at helping Scott to apply for different careers and hugely encouraging. He really enjoyed working with her. He’s excited about his future, which is amazing during this difficult Covid-19 uncertain time. We are all delighted that he hasn’t just got a job but an actual career where he can learn and develop his skills.’

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