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Scott living his boyhood dream with Scottish Water

Half a year into his apprenticeship with Scottish Water, former Bridges Project client Scott feels he has had a perfect start to his professional career.

“I am really enjoying it. The best part has been getting my own van. Ever since I was a boy, I have always wanted to drive a van,” says the 18-year-old from Musselburgh.

In his new job, he certainly does a lot of it! Scott drives across the Lothians every day while shadowing colleagues and undertaking a range of tasks as part of his apprenticeship.

“There is a lot of travelling. I can drive from one part of Edinburgh to the other in one day and I get to see several places on the same day,” says the apprentice.

The travelling also means he is able to learn a lot about different places and people through his work.

“I have developed my communication skills a lot as I am going to sites across Edinburgh and get to know different people and places,” says the 18-year-old.

Scott thinks the diverse nature of his apprenticeship is one of the elements that makes it so exciting.

“If I was working on site, I would be doing the same things every day but with my job, you never know what you are doing from one the day to the next. I love the fact that I get to do different things every day,” he says.

Scott will be fully qualified after finishing his four-year apprenticeship. He is considering undertaking another qualification with Scottish Water once his apprenticeship ends.

The Musselburgh teenager’s story is a successful example of how Bridges Project’s Employability Service can help young people secure their dream job.

Scott was supported by Employability Support Worker Sam Lamond after coming in contact with her at a careers evening at Musselburgh Grammar School. He was enrolled on Bridges Project’s Build You Up construction employability programme, which played a major part in inspiring him to find an apprenticeship. Scott also worked with Sam on a one-to-one basis, focusing on developing a strong and targeted CV, skills profiling, job searching, improving his communication skills and building his confidence.

The 18-year-old met Scottish Water at a career event, where he was advised to apply for an apprenticeship online. With help from Sam in preparing for his video interview, Scott was successful and started his apprenticeship in September 2020.

The apprentice thinks Bridges Project was instrumental in helping him into the world of work.

“I am really thankful for what Bridges Project did and also for the fact that I have secured such a great job,” says Scott.

Sam is also very pleased with the success of her previous client.

“From the outset, Scott was focused on gaining an apprenticeship. He worked hard to improve his employability skills and engaged really well with the service offered by Bridges Project. Scott realised the advantage of an apprenticeship, that learning whilst on the job would be a huge benefit to his career,” she says.

The Employability Support Worker now hopes more young people will follow Scott’s example.

 “I would encourage all young people to seriously consider apprenticeships. The technical skills that they will learn from people with experience and knowledge of industry will mean there is more potential for them to gain employment and progress in their career,” says Sam.

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