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Lynne’s career comes full circle as she takes up employability post

Lynne Anderson is back where she started with Bridges Project in her new role as Employability Support Worker 16+, eight years after she left her previous employability post.

The youth worker is ready to once again work in the same focus area as she worked in when she first joined the charity.

“I was an Employability Support Worker from 2009 to 2012, when I went on maternity leave. It is exciting to be back in a role that has a stronger focus on employability and I am really excited about taking on a new challenge,” says Lynne.

Her move into her new role follows recent funding from the Agnes Hunter Trust, which has enabled Bridges Project to launch the new employability service Way2Work 16+. The service will complement the charity’s existing employability service Way2Work East Lothian but will be targeted specifically at young people aged 16-21 who have left school. Way2Work 16+ launched early this month (April 2021) and is in the first instance funded until March 2023.

As with Way2Work East Lothian, Way2Work 16+ will provide employability support and skills development, work practice placements and ongoing support to help young people achieve and sustain positive destinations in further education, employment or training. The service will link closely with the Skills for Life and Transitions teams to provide a fully integrated approach and maximise the benefits for participants on their journey to employment. Except from the slight divergence in the age group supported, the main difference between Way2Work East Lothian and Way2Work 16+ will be that the latter will operate in both East Lothian and Midlothian.

“I have never worked in Midlothian before so it will be really exciting to get the chance to build relationships with new agencies, schools and professionals,” says Lynne.

Another change from the Transitions Development Worker (Young Carers) role the youth worker is now stepping out of is the target group she will be working with.

“In my Transitions Development Worker (Young Carers) role, I was working with many 14-15-year olds. Now I will be working with 16-21-year-olds from a variety of different backgrounds, not just young carers as in my previous role. However, I used to work with a range of different targets group when I first started as a youth worker so I look forward to bringing that experience back into practice,” says Lynne.

Bridges Project’s Transitions Service for young carers will now close. After delivering the service for the past eight years, there are naturally several aspects Lynne will miss about the role she is now stepping out of.

“I was quite heavily involved in different young carer networks such as the Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance and Pan Lothian Young Carers. They were all really supportive and I enjoyed being part of these so that is something I will miss,” says the new Employability Support Worker 16+.

Nevertheless, she is mostly focused on what lies ahead.

“I look forward to eventually being able to have face-to-face appointments with young people and schools. More generally, I look forward to giving my all to the new service, using everything I have learned from previous posts and shaping the service to the young people,” says Lynne.

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