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Digital Youth Work Launch

Digital Youth Work Launch! That’s right – Bridges Project is diving in head first into the 21st century to bring you activities that will help cure the lockdown boredom. You can challenge your creativity, your physical health and improve on your skills such as cooking. However, more importantly for us – it keeps us all connected. All the staff are missing seeing your faces and hearing from you so what better way to keep in touch thank this.

To enter this weeks challenge see instructions and the example made for you. We need you to design our new appointment cards for when we are back in business. Your task will be to design the front of these for example – Be Different Together. This can be a singular word, phrase or even a picture. The only rule is that you must be able to relate this to the work of Bridges Project. To enter simply take a photo of your work and email this to before 12.30pm on Friday 10th April.

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