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Aimeé Lea starts scented adventure

16-year-old Aimeé Lea has launched her very own business and has big plans for the future.

The Bridges Project client from Haddington started the business, which sells all kinds of products that make a home smell nicer and cleaner, during lockdown in October.

“It was my mum who inspired me to start it as she mentioned that I had always liked smells and suggested that I could open a business focused on that”, says Aimeé Lea.

Named ‘Aimeé Lea’s’, the business offers everything from wax melts to carpet fresheners and laundry boosters. Aimeé Lea makes all the products herself.

“I enjoy learning how to make different things. I spend most of my day on making the products in order to get it right and ensure that they all have the high standard I want for my products,” she says.

‘Aimeé Lea’s’ has got off to a good start so far.

“It has been going well. It has mostly been friends and family buying so far. The most popular products are the wax melts as there are so many to choose from,” says the young entrepreneur.

Despite her young age, she also has clear ambitions for the future development of her business.

“I’m hoping to open up a shop in a couple of years and make a bigger name for myself. It would be great to open up a shop in town – maybe in a place like Stockbridge – where it is quite busy,” says Aimeé Lea.

Before she gets to that stage however, she needs a second job. That’s where Bridges Project comes in.

“I have left school and decided to try and get into the adult carer sector. My mum said Bridges Project would help me a lot in terms of finding a job,” says the 16-year-old.

Aimeé Lea was referred to Bridges Project’s Way2Work 16+ Service, which is funded by the Agnes Hunter Trust. She soon started working with Employability Support Worker 16+ Lynne Anderson.

Since she started engaging with Bridges Project in the middle of May, Aimeé Lea has received support from Lynne to explore options that might help her start a career in the adult care sector. These have included training for care and Steps to Employment agreements. Lynne has also submitted a referral to People Know How for a device that can help Aimeé Lea engage both with one-to-one Bridges Project sessions and with online courses.

Aimeé Lea has only had four calls with Lynne so far but she already feels that the support has made a huge difference to her.

“I have a very good impression of Bridges Project so far. Lynne has given me so much confidence. Just a couple of weeks ago I wouldn’t feel confident enough to speak with strangers on the phone but Lynne has made me so much more confident on the phone,” says the Bridges Project client.

Aimeé Lea’s confidence on the phone will probably come in very handy as orders for her products are flowing in!

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